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I have been asked hundreds of times to guide people to the best astrology report programs, and have decided to create this website, with reviews, sample reports, and evaluations of the wide range of programs that delineate natal charts, transits, progressions, karma, compatibility, health, and other astrological factors.

Please know also that I am happy to guide you personally in finding the best astrology report software for your needs. Just email me at:, letting me know what kinds of reports you are interested in. My only requirement is that if you decide to purchase software I recommend, you do so through me. (Note: My pricing is always the best available.)

Note: like most computer software, astrology software cannot be returned for a refund.

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Cosmic Patterns Reports

Why Cosmic Patterns Reports?

Natal Reports

Specialized Natal Reports

Transit Reports

Compatibility Reports

Solar and Lunar Return Reports

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Choosing Astrological Report Software

Cosmic Patterns offers the largest selection of top-quality add-on astrological reports available, all of which require Kepler, Sirius, or Pegasus to run.

Most people buy Kepler to run the reports, because Pegasus only has an atlas that covers the Americas and Europe, while Kepler has a full World atlas.

You can learn about and purchase Kepler through me at

Sirius is much more powerful, but also over twice the cost. You can learn about it at

To explore the features of Pegasus, click here.

Natal Reports

There are many different natal reports, but the two I recommend the most highly are:

The Life Path Report



Specialized Natal Reports

Specialized natal reports can focus on health, alternate approaches (e.g. Chinese), or other Celestial bodies (e.g. Asteroids). The Cosmic Patterns specialized natal reports are truly excellent. My favorites are:

Transit Reports

Compatibility Reports

Solar and Lunar Return Reports

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